Hyundai has many advantages over the competition these days. However, it was not always this way. In the past Hyundai was little known outside of their home country of Korea. After a big push into the western markets, they debuted in the 1990s and soon found a home in millions of American driveways. Ever since, they have been on the forefront of design and technology in the automotive sector. They have a reputation for creating high quality vehicles at an economical price. In Brunswick, we love the environment and hybrid vehicles. To check out a great line of Hyundai Ionics consider seeing the selection at Bill Dodge Hyundai.

A few things make the Ioniq hybrid stand out from the crowd. The design cues are taken directly from modernist thought and are incredibly smooth compared to most hybrids. Another advantage this vehicle offers is the groundbreaking and mind-shattering MPG, which is up to 60 mpg on city roads- or higher.



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