The engineers at Hyundai have long prided themselves on building cars that can deliver excellent fuel economy. However, they also realize that good fuel economy is nothing if the vehicle doesn’t have enough power to get you around town appropriately. This is why they also paid close attention to the performance features of the Hyundai Accent as well.

One of the standard features of the Hyundai Accent would be a 1.6-liter engine with 4 cylinders that has 130 horsepower. This means the car will move well in both town and highway driving conditions and be able to do it in a cost-effective manner.

Moreover, the Hyundai Accent also has plenty of torque so it will not feel like the car is straining even on the highway. Many individuals have reported that the car holds its own very well on the highway. Give it a try today and we know you will enjoy it!



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