What to Think of to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

We at Bill Dodge Hyundai want our neighbors to travel safely this winter. We suggest carrying an emergency survival kit that includes high-protein snacks, a flashlight, cellphone, and spare batteries. Include gloves, blankets, and a battery charger. Keep chains, kitty litter, and a shovel in your trunk.

To get your vehicle ready for winter address issues with the engine. Have your cooling system flushed and the freezing point of your coolant tested. Keep your fuel flowing by adding fuel deicer to your gas during sub-freezing temperatures. Wiper blades should be changed with the seasons.

In accordance with the schedule in your owner's manual change your oil and transmission fluid. Replace unsafe tires. Brakes should be inspected regularly. Your vehicle should be tested for exhaust leaks. Make sure exterior lights and your heater/defroster are working. Have your battery tested. If you live in or near Brunswick, let Bill Dodge Hyundai get your vehicle winter-ready.


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