What Is The Deal With Ignition and Starter Troubles?

Smoke coming out from underneath the hood of a car is alarming. Many different mechanical issues could cause the smoke. A bad starter is one of them. Several other clear problems could indicate troubles with the starter. Without the right fix, don't expect the car to start.

Probably the most common sign of starter and ignition problems is a whining sound. The engine makes the sound when you turn the key. The engine doesn't start, and all you hear is the annoying whining. You may even hear grinding. Regardless of the sounds, the ignition doesn't work.

Other not-so-obvious troubles could hamper the starter and the ignition. A bad solenoid and even an oil leak could keep a vehicle from starting. Only after a thorough inspection, can a qualified mechanic figure out the true cause.

The service department at our dealership can help out with starter and other maintenance issues. Call to make an appointment today.


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